Recap of the 2014 Silena Semedo Foundation Cares for Christmas Event

April 21, 2015 Comments Off on Recap of the 2014 Silena Semedo Foundation Cares for Christmas Event

The Silena Semedo Foundation was successful in providing assistance to Stark County families that were in need of gifts for Christmas. This year, the Foundation collaborated with the following organizations in order to identify the families that needed assistance: Canton City Schools, Canton Juvenile Courts, Canton Y.W.C.A., PAL Missions, and Stark Job & Family Services. Overall, we identified 20 families to assist. Each individual in the 25 families received toys, clothing, pajamas, hygiene supplies, tools, (men), jewelry (women) and gift cards to spend on the family.

In order successfully get all the gifts wrapped for 25 families before Christmas Eve, the Silena Semedo Foundation hosted a Gift Wrapping party  on Tuesday, December 23rd. Different community leaders and organizations volunteered and assisted with wrapping all the gifts. Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations: Precious Thomas & City of Canton Youth Development, Ashley Wright, Jill Miller & Pal Missions,  Ashley Wright & Stark Metro Housing, and Khiejana Sims.

On Christmas Eve, we traveled to the homes of the 25 families and personally dropped off the gifts to each family. Although the weather didn’t make it easy for us, we still managed to deliver each family their gifts in a timely manner. The best part of the event is seeing the families faces. There is so much joy, gratitude, and excitement at each home that we delivered to.

After Christmas, the Silena Semedo Foundation continued to assist the community with gifts for the Holiday season. We delivered 4 large bags of gifts to the Stark County Domestic Shelter Home to assist with the families that currently reside there. Overall, the Silena Semedo Foundation enjoyed every second we spent assisting the community!

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