Silena Semedo

Silena Semedo

The Foundation’s founder, Silena Semedo, came from humble beginnings, and in her youth experienced a very tumultuous life.

Silena Semedo was born in 1983 in Canton, OH.  Like many children born in this generation, Silena grew up in a broken home with very little parenting. Abandoned as a child, she experienced many painful trials and tribulations.  She had no mentor or loving parent to guide her.  She was alone until she ended up in a group home where she met several other young girls in similar situations.  Her stay at the home meant daily struggles to obtain life’s simplest necessities, and she was determined to get out and find a better life.  When she ran away, she found she didn’t have the social, emotional, or the life tools that most other young girls innately learn from a healthy home life.

When Ms. Semedo reached adulthood, she found that many women she encountered were, deep down, still struggling with the impact of their pasts, and that their lives were still in turmoil because they were never given the love or mentoring, or the life tools they needed as young girls. She wanted to help. She didn’t have much, but what she did have, she gave to others.  That giving spirit is stronger than ever today.  From Summer Camp programs to a warm loving home for girls in need, she created the Silena Semedo Foundation to insure young girls would never have to grow up as she did.

Her instinctive caring rings strong throughout her Foundation:

Help when you can help.  Be a good and kind person. The right thing to do may be the hard thing to do, but you must with compassion and caring do the right thing.”

The Silena Semedo Foundation helps children channel their anger, hurt and feelings of abandonment in positive, creative outlets.  Today, there are millions of young children living in broken homes, unloved, unwanted,  abused, alone, and confused.   Every young child deserves a fair chance.  The Silena Semedo Foundation’s residence and programming insures that each child can live to her full-potential in a caring home, surrounded by mentors and a trained staff.   By instilling them with principles of self esteem, acceptance, coping, expression, and understanding, they are better prepared for a healthy, happy, successful adulthood.